Paradise Island

A Dreamer’s Guidebook on How to Survive Paradise and Triumph over Human Nature

Front Cover of Paradise Island by Brandon RoyalAre we masters of or servants to our own human nature?

This illustrated short story presents a satire on human nature. “Human nature” are two words that are used often, but what exactly do they mean? This work explores, in narrative form, that mysterious collage of traits, emotions, and idiosyncrasies that describes the way we are and the way we behave — our envy, vanity, greed, and white lies as well as our loyalty, generosity, love, and honor.

Paradise Island is a fable about a young adventurer who travels to the sunny, fun-filled island of his dreams, but struggles to keep paradise found from becoming paradise lost. A product of inspirational and literary fiction, this work will appeal to readers interested in fantasy, satire, and philosophy in fiction.

“A delectable dish of human foible, served with parsnips baked in irony oil, all topped with a sprinkling of satire-roasted fennel seeds.” —Justin Hurwitz, Editor, The Harvard Lampoon