Praise for this Book

“Paradise Island is like Dante’s Divine Comedy. Finding paradise is divine. Surviving it is comedy.”

Dr. Stephen Potts
Professor of Literature, University of California at San Diego

* * * * *

“A fun and relaxing read, especially for those who have already found paradise — and doubly so for fantasizing wannabees…”

Peter G. de Krassel
Author, Custom Maid Knowledge

* * * * *

“A modern-day parody of Robinson Crusoe in reverse: shipwrecked foreigners with no wish to be rescued from their island paradise.”

Ben Orlin
The Yale Record, America’s Oldest Humor Magazine

* * * * *

“As a leadership coach, I am intimately aware of the value that conflict plays in building effective teams and organizations. Paradise Island is a fable about what happens when individuals encounter conflict in their personal lives and the need to deal with imperfections in a healthy way. Cleverly written, fun and easy to read, this book even provides clues about how each of us can achieve greater happiness by being honest with ourselves and learning to trust others.”

Phil Mittertreiner
Management Consultant, Performance Coach and Founder, Potentials Unlimited Inc.

* * * * *

“A delectable dish of human foible, served with parsnips baked in irony oil, all topped with a sprinkling of satire-roasted fennel seeds.”

Justin Hurwitz
Editor, The Harvard Lampoon

* * * * *

“A story you won’t find in an economics textbook. Even in paradise money matters, and the forces of supply and demand still operate.”

William A. McEachern, Ph.D.
Author and Award-Winning Economics Professor