The Little Green Math Book

30 Powerful Principles for Building Math and Numeracy Skills

Winner, Best Book Awards (USA Book News)
Gold Medal Winner, President’s Book Awards

Front Cover of The Little Green Math Book by Brandon RoyalFor Math Aficionados from all Walks of Life!

The Little Green Math Book is based on a simple but powerful observation: Individuals who develop outstanding math and numeracy skills do so primarily by mastering a limited number of the most important math principles and problem solving techniques, which they use over and over again. What are these recurring principles and techniques? The answer to this question is the basis of this book. The book’s four chapters include: (1) Basic Numeracy Ingredients, (2) Wonderful Math Recipes, (3) Favorite Numeracy Dishes, and (4) Special Math Garnishments. Thirty principles of math summarize the common themes behind classic math problems and each problem is rated according to a three-tier system — one chili (mild), two chilies (hot), and three chilies (very hot).

“This book brilliantly shows the structure and subtlety of basic math. Math is a global language that knows no borders and opens opportunities for us all.” —Rick Frishman, author, speaker, and media expert; treasurer and secretary for the Dr. Mark Victor Hansen Foundation, “literacy to end poverty”