The Map Maker

An Illustrated Short Story About How Each of Us Sees the World Differently and Why Objectivity is Just an Illusion

Front Cover of The Map Maker by Brandon RoyalCan we really see the world in a fair and unbiased way?

The Map Maker is the story of a young adventurer who travels to Paradise Island with the aid of a magical map. Here, he begins his own “knowledge quest” to better understand why people see the world just the way they do.

Arguably, one of the most important traits any person can possess is the ability to see things from another person’s point of view. This story shows how different people, holding different viewpoints, can each believe that his or her own viewpoint is most accurate. It offers an explanation as to why it is difficult, if not impossible, to judge events objectively.

Using simple prose, this work introduces and explores the meaning behind the phrase “the subjectivity of truth and the relativity of reality.” A product of inspirational and literary fiction, The Map Maker will hold special appeal for readers interested in philosophy in fiction.

“The Map Maker is a short story as playful as it is poignant. The marriage of whimsical images and thought-provoking text creates a unique tapestry: one that weaves storytelling and philosophy with literary verve. Royal challenges us to think about the key role that perspective plays in our lives. He also shows how literature, acting as both an art form and a pragmatic tool, can help us gain critical insights.” —Rachel Metalin, B.A. M.A., English Instructor, Upper Canada College (UCC), Toronto, Canada